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Clinical Diagnostics

INOVA is dedicated exclusively to autoimmune diagnostics. INOVA combines administration, R&D and manufacturing under one roof, and therefore is able to offer the customers a reliable and economical solution for all of their autoimmune disease testing needs. Over the years, INOVA has produced innovative, autoimmune disease assays using both novel and “time-tested” methodologies with the single purpose of producing better clinical results to aid patient diagnosis and care.

Chromsystems offers an easy-to-use method for routine clinical diagnostic procedures by introducing reliable, simple applications and an extensive system of customer support. Today, any diagnostic lab can use HPLC for routine applications and obtain precise results, with no specific prior experience required. As well as giving you access to conventional HPLC diagnostic applications, Chromsystems'  also offers you to use special applications for LC-MS/MS such as newborn screening and TDM (therapeutic drug monitoring).

As a pioneer in developing kits based on multiplex Xmap technology, licensed from Luminex since 1999, Theradiag has gained expertise ranging from the development and production of innovative diagnostic kits to the commercialization of IVD products (CE- and FDA-approved).For two years, Theradiag has offered this experience in the field of theranostics and the monitoring of biotherapies for autoimmune diseases, and in the near future will also do so for infectious diseases and oncology.

CyberGene develops and manufactures ChromoQuant® a CE marked diagnostic kit for detection of aneuploidies in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and X/Y.

Irvine Scientific is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of medical devices, including Industrial Cell Culture, Cytogenetic, and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) products. Irvine Scientific is a large scale producer of advanced and quality cell culture media for the industrial bioprocess and diagnostic markets. The company has extensive experience in the design of culture media leading to significant improvement in biopharmaceutical yield. The company also manufactures media for the medical and stem cell applications.

Medix Biochemica is a growing and innovative company that develops, produces and markets globally in vitro immuno-diagnostic raw materials and tests for human health care.

Cerca Biotech is the European subsidiary of Shuwen Biotech, a highly reputable and innovative molecular and point of care diagnostics organisation. Shuwen and Cerca are passionate about healthcare and are working to create world-leading innovations in the fields of Oncology and Women’s Health.

INOVIQ Ltd (ASX:IIQ) (INOVIQ) is developing and commercialising an innovative portfolio of diagnostic and exosome-based solutions for the earlier detection, diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of cancer and other diseases to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

ProciseDx is a true Point-of-Care diagnostics platform providing lab-quality quantitative results in just 2-5 minutes enabling drug monitoring of Bio-therapies and markers (Calprotectin, CRP) in blood or stool adapted for the Gastro clinic


Proteomics International is a pioneering medical technology company operating at the forefront of predictive diagnostics and bio-analytical services.