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Little Dipper® Processor

 LittleDipperAutomates post-hybridization processing of Agilent, OGT and BlueGnome oligo microarrays. Controls wash time, agitation, buffer temperatures and drying using an integrated centrifuge. Batches of 1 to 24 slides are processed following manufacturer recommended conditions. Comes with pre-loaded protocols for aCGH, gene expression, miRNA and ChIP-chip applications.

Mai Tai® Hybridization System

MaiTaiComplete hybridization system for Agilent microarrays consisting of rotating oven with convection heating system, hybridization cassettes and rotator. Uses simple, two-piece cassettes that hold up to 4 slides each. Rotator holds up to 8 cassettes (32 slides) for rotational mixing during incubation. Mai Tai System rotators are available for SciGene, Agilent and Robbins Scientific ovens.

ArrayPrep Target Preparation System

ArrayPrepUniquely designed for preparing microarray samples using Agilent, Roche or OGT labeling chemistries. Automates DNA labeling, purification, hybridization sample preparation and slide loading of 8 to 96 samples. Universal pipetting head* performs single and eight tip dispensing as well as plate movement. Equipped with three Peltier heating/cooling blocks* with removable heated lids.