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RI Witness

ART Management System

Electronic witnessing is now an established and proven methodology that has led it to become the global gold standard for mismatch avoidance.

CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits
The CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits enables fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded, UMI labelled, and unique dual indexed libraries for whole transcriptome analyses using Illumina® NGS platforms
CLARIOstar Plus

CLARIOstar® Plus  ,the most flexible multi-mode plate reader comes equipped with LVF Monochromators™, filters, and spectrometer. Flexibility combined with sensitivity and with newly developed Enhanced Dynamic Range technology.

MyCare Insite

MyCare Insite offers greater confidence to clinicians by providing objective data about patient’s antipsychotic medication, adherence, and efficacy. The Insite measures the blood levels of the most common antipsychotic drugs.