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About Us

For more than three decades, we at ZOTAL have been a leading provider of high-quality, state-of-the-art biotechnological instruments and biological reagents for the life sciences market in Israel. Every hospital and research center in Israel uses the products ZOTAL sells and supports, whether for biotech applications, in life science research laboratories, or at fertility clinics or clinical diagnostic laboratories.

 Focus Areas

  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies)
  • Life Science Research

 Total Support and Superior Service

We take pride in our ability to provide novel solutions and local support for all the technologies we distribute. Our customers benefit from our commitment to a very high level of support and service and our “100% satisfaction guaranteed” attitude on every product and every order.

From the quality of ZOTAL's products to our history, expertise, innovation, and longstanding record for customer satisfaction, we help our customers get ahead and stay ahead.